The OnPoint Platform

The OnPoint Platform is a robust and comprehensive data and information system that uses deep problem solving algorithms and methodologies to analyze and combine the data from weather reporting stations and then layers that data with up to fifteen additional data sources such as weather balloons, satellite, radar, and more, to produce the most comprehensive, accurate and hyper-local past, present and forecast weather data in the industry.

The OnPoint Platform has the functionality and ability to deliver weather data for any latitude/longitude point, and geographic areas such ZIP or postal code, on any land mass in the world (except Antartica) and up to 200 miles offshore.

OnPoint Coverage Map


For locations not in close proximity to any weather stations or other reliable reporting sources, OnPoint uses a geographical grid, the OnPoint Grid, to provide hyper-local weather data.

The OnPoint North American Grid is able to provide very fine scale resolution where the closest OnPoint Weather data is 2 miles or less from any point of interest .

The OnPoint International Grid operates the same way as the OnPoint North America Grid but the closest OnPoint Weather data is 10 miles or less from any point of interest.

The OnPoint Grid is comprised over over 2 million global data points. Comparatively, there are less than 10,000 viable weather observation stations in the world and these stations are almost always too far away from your point of interest to provide accurate and effective data.

Customers using the OnPoint API are also able to utilize even more advanced software functionality through the intelligent OnPoint API interface which interpolates between up to 4 surrounding locations to provide hyper-local weather data for literally any location with pinpoint precision.

OnPoint also embodies intelligence to identify and correct data errors that regularly occur within the various input sources. For the processing of OnPoint Weather, our most comprehensive data product, OnPoint uses intelligent data analysis and data quality assurance methods, with a blend of proven meteorological and statistical expertise, to correct real data errors while preserving actual extreme weather that may otherwise be falsely ‘corrected’ by less capable methods or systems.

Your business will never again be tied to the radius of any particular weather station and your data will always be ‘On Point’.