The OnPoint API

OnPoint Weather is available on demand via the OnPoint API or CSV files. Data retrieval using the OnPoint API is lightning fast and both the OnPoint Platform and the OnPoint API were developed using highly adaptable and scalable technologies ensuring your access to industry leading weather data is available when you need it.

Access 4 Standard Data Sets: Hourly Latitude/Longitude; Daily Latitude/Longitude; Hourly Postal Code; Daily Postal Code.

  • Easy to follow Documentation
  • A pragmatically RESTful interface
  • JSON and JSONP response formats
  • Detailed error reporting
  • Always on SSL connections
  • Account management tools
  • An SDK for PHP

The OnPoint API has the functionality and ability to deliver weather data from any latitude/longitude point and postal code.

For points of interest not in close proximity to any weather stations or other reliable reporting sources, the OnPoint API uses advanced software methodologies to interpolate between up to 4 surrounding locations to provide hyper-local weather data for any point of interest on any land mass in the world and up to 200 miles offshore.

Your business will never again be tied to the radius of any particular weather station and your data will always be ‘On Point’.

Much more information is available on our OnPoint API Developer Portal.