Weather Source’s suite of products, including the revolutionary OnPoint Weather, is the culmination of over a decade of work by industry leading meteorologists, climatologists, mathematicians and research scientists with combined industry experience of over 100 years.

Businesses are increasingly using the power of weather data for improved knowledge and insight as to how weather directly impacts their business’ revenue, expenses, resources, product distribution, inventory, logistics and overall organizational efficiency.

The OnPoint Platform

OnPoint, the platform that delivers OnPoint Weather is a robust data analytics platform that uses deep problem solving algorithms and various methodologies to analyze and combine the data from weather reporting stations and then layers this data with up to fifteen additional data sources, such as weather balloons, satellite, and radar, to produce the most accurate and hyper-local data in the world.

For points of interest without any weather stations or other reporting sources, OnPoint uses advanced software methodologies to interpolate between up to 4 different locations to provide accurate weather data for any point of interest on any land mass in the world.

The OnPoint platform works by using a system of grids (5km grid size for North America and 15km grid size for all other land masses). The OnPoint North American Grid is able to provide very high resolution hyper-local data where the closest weather data is always 2 miles or less from any point of interest.

The OnPoint International Grid operates the same way, but on a grid where the closest weather data is always 10 miles or less from any point of interest.

In total, the OnPoint Grid system is comprised of over 2 million global data points. Comparatively, there are less than 10,000 viable weather observation stations in the world and these stations are often too far away from your point of interest to be effective.

The OnPoint platform also embodies machine intelligence to identify and correct data errors that regularly occur within the various input sources. These intelligent data analysis methods are a fusion of meteorological and statistical expertise and have proven to be very effective for correcting real data errors while preserving actual extreme weather that may otherwise be falsely ‘corrected’ by less capable methods.

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OnPoint Weather

Raw data, and other data sources, are filled with inaccurate and incomplete data (up to 25% of weather data is incomplete or inaccurate) and are severely limited by the lack of actual weather reporting stations.

The issue is that weather reporting stations are typically located at airports which tend to be scattered amongst major cities. In the United States, the distance between airport weather stations is typically 50 miles, and frequently over 100 miles, and generally located close to an metropolitan area which can have markedly different conditions than suburbs and more rural area.

Trying to correlate this weather station data to useful business metrics (revenue, sales, resources, etc) is often futile since the weather recorded at the station is very different from what occurred at the point of interest.

OnPoint Weather provides a continuum of daily and hourly, past, present and forecast weather data and covers all major land masses and extends to more than 200 miles offshore.

OnPoint Weather is available for any latitudinal or longitudinal points and for many geographic areas such as ZIP or postal codes, metropolitan statistical areas (MSA”) or designated market areas (DMA).

OnPoint Weather provides past weather data back to the year 2000, to the present, and includes a 10 day forecast and an extended and enhanced weekly forecast of up to 42 days (six weekly forecasts).

We are also the only weather data provider offering climatology data which businesses are using to find out the mean weather, at any point in time, for any location. No other weather data provider has this robust of weather data offering.

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OnPoint API

Built from the ground up, the OnPoint API is lightning fast and was developed using highly adaptable and scaleable technologies ensuring you always have access to our industry leading OnPoint Weather. OnPoint Weather is also available via easy-to-use .csv files.

Both the OnPoint Platform and the OnPoint API were developed using highly adaptable and scalable technologies ensuring your access to industry leading weather data is available when you need it.

Access 4 Standard Data Sets: Hourly Latitude/Longitude; Daily Latitude/Longitude; Hourly Postal Code; Daily Postal Code.

  • Easy to follow Documentation
  • A pragmatically RESTful interface
  • JSON and JSONP response formats
  • Detailed error reporting
  • Always on SSL connections
  • Account management tools
  • An SDK for PHP

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